Our Story

NSR Riding was born from the audacious conviction that cycling gear with unparalleled performance & forged with the most technologically advanced materials should be accessible to every riding enthusiasts.

That never ending desire to push your own limits to the max when riding is the same obsession that resonates in NSR Riding's design philosophy. Since 2010, NSR Riding has come to equip professional riders of the highest calibers as well as every day riders who share our team's passion for riding and the active life.

Since our beginnings in 2010; NSR Riding's relentless (almost manic) R&D has advanced our collections to encompass Road, Cyclocross, Off-Road, Hybrid as well as Urban Commuting & Active clothing + accessories, and are being worn by enthusiats all around the world today.

"Riding Emotion;" that feeling of content you get when your gear enhances the riding experience to achieve the goal you set - This is our mantra. 

We're only at the beginning; come take a ride with us.