NSR Riding Bicycle Tour Camping Tent - Road Cycle

NSR RIDING presents the brand new Bicycle Tour Camping Tent for Road Bikes.

Developed for bicycle tour / adventure maniacs - the ability to fully store your precious bicycle & investment is a world's first (patent pending)! Protecting your bicycle from harsh elements as well as deterring theft; the Bicycle Tour Camping Tent features handle, wheel & pedal wells as well as secure ties that keeps the bicycle upright. 

Weighing about 4.1 pounds (1.86 KGs); the entire tent also packs into a Saddle Pannier (included) that offers convenience for those ready to take on whatever path they chose. 

This tent can also serve as a base for those into cyclocross or teams as well. 

Usage Recommendations

  • Recommended for dryer low wind conditions such as desert and high altitude conditions. Extreme wind and wet condition as it is a single skin tent is not recommended as it may test the limits of the tent design. 

The NSR RIDING Bicycle Tour Camping Tent features:

  • Size: 82.68 in (L) x 49.21 in (W) x 49.60 in (H) | 210 cm x 125 cm x 126 cm
  • Wheel Width Size: up to 2.4 Inches
  • Weight: 4.1 pounds | 1.86 KGs
  • Sealed seams


  • Tent Canopy: 20D 400T N/Dbl Rip 2.5x2.5 PU FR Silicon 1,500 mm
  • Tent Floor: 40D 240T N/Dbl Rip 3.5x4 PD WR PU FR 4,000 mm
  • Poll: Duralumin 8.5 mm 7001 Pole
Neon Yellow

*MTB version shown