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NSR: Korea's No. 1
Cycling Apparel Brand

Korea's top cycling apparel brand NSR has been helping riders maximize their performance since 2011 via ergonomic technologies, unparalleled quality and function, and sophisticated designs.

The brand was founded and launched by Shin Textile Solutions Co., Ltd., a global clothing enterprise that has been working with world- renowned brands from Europe, North America, and Asia to develop and produce highly functional outdoor sports apparel for the past 25 years.

Prior to the launch of NSR, cyclists in Korea had no choice but to resort to functional apparel catered to the Western physique, due to the lack of high-quality clothing that could comfortably fit the average Korean's physique and preferences After compiling years' worth of technology and know-how, Shin Textile Solutions founded NSR with a grand mission: to create cycling apparel fit for Asians and of incomparable quality and design, and to provide it at reasonable prices.

And so for the past 6 years, NSR has been impressing cyclists each season with superior products resulted from experience-based technology and never-ending research and development.

Our goal is to create clothing of standout designs that provide flawless comfort and facilitate your best performance even for long-distance cycling.

It is with such passion and effort that NSR rose to become Korea's most-loved cycling apparel brand; yet our race will not end until we can expand beyond Korea and secure a place as an international brand sought by cyclists from all over the world.

Korea's First Cycling
Apparel & Gear Specialist

Along with the brand launching in 2011, Shin Textile Solutions opened NSR cycling apparel and gear shops all across Korea.

Today, we operate 20 retail stores and manage over 200 NSR distributors.

If conventional stores only supplied bicycles and bicycle parts, NSR is a professional comprehensive bike shop that offers the best shopping experience for cyclists by selling everything from cycling apparel, gloves, helmets, shoes, goggles, bags, and more.

Furthermore, customers can also shop at our online store, where we provide a specialized e-commerce platform in which you can conveniently purchase the clothing and gear you need.

NSR Global

NSR is not only the top cycling apparel brand within Korea; our value is also gaining recognition all across the globe.

NSR is the only Korean cycling brand to participate in Interbike, the world's largest industry bike show in Las Vegas, for 4 consecutive years.

We have also participated in bike exhibitions in China to share our high-quality designs with the world. Through our US branch, our products are also sold on Amazon as well as Paragon Sports, an outdoor sporting goods retailer with stores based in New York and New Jersey.

Our vision reaches further into Canada, Australia, Europe, Taiwan, China, Japan, and all other countries,
through ongoing research and development, we strive to become an international cycling apparel brand of exceptional world-class quality.

NSR: Leader of Cycling Culture

As a lead cyclewear brand in Korea, NSR has been supported lots of cycle events.

In 2016, NSR opened NSR RIDING PARK, where customers could enjoy cycling or camping near the store.

Also, NSR has been officially supported TOUR DE KOREA since 2018,
has supported Korea Disabled Cycle Federation, and many other cycle teams in schools of Korea.

Through the continuous social contribution activities, NSR is being the leader of cycling culture in Korea.
We will continue to strive, moving steadily forward, to become the worldly-leading brand.

SHINTS Shin Textile Solutions!


With 8,000+ staff in Vietnam and 3,000+ staff in Ethiopia, Shin Textile Solutions owns 100% of its production facilities and has been developing and exporting functional apparel for outdoor sports, motorcycling and bicycling to countries all over the world including Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, USA, and countries in Asia. The first Korean enterprise to enter Ethiopia, we currently employ over 3,000 staff and expect to employ over 30,000 in the next five years as we rise as the largest production base within the Addis Ababa factory complex.

Through such investments, we hope to create more jobs and revitalize the economy of Ethiopia as a way of giving back to society. NSR's ultimate mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle not only in our own country, but even with low-income countries on the other side of the globe. SHIN TEXTILE SOLUTIONS CO., LTD. Web site