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- QUALITY & CRAFTSMANSHIP NSR Riding cycling apparel & gear are developed with the latest and top-notch in performance textiles, components, trims, and manufacturing technologies available in the industry today. What you get from us are products that are of the upmost quality in terms of craftsmanship, and importantly;elevate the emotion you feel when you wear NSR Riding and ride. Ethical sourcing & production,and products designed & crafted by those that not only specializes in high-performance gear, but more importantly; manic about this bicycle life of ours.

- 21 DAYS RISK-FREE EXCHANGES Although we all wish we can ride all day everyday; we understand that life happens and that you may not be able to check out your new gear right away. We want you to take your time to inspect, try on and appreciate your new NSR Riding gear. We provide a 21 Day Risk-Free Exchange where you can review your item(s) closely, and if you need a different color or size; we just simply ask that you inspect them carefully in order to retain their new / pristine condition.

- NO QUESTIONS ASKED REFUNDS Your new NSR Riding apparel & gear not as you thought? Not a problem. We won't ask you a million questions about the reason of your request. Although we certainly want you to be 110% satisfied with your new gear and help enhance the riding experience; we are committed in making sure you have a positive & easy customer experience with us. Again, simply keep your order in new condition and we will process your request.

- LIFE-TIME REPAIRS & WARRANTY If properly taken care of; NSR Riding gear should last you a lifetime. But as riders ourselves, we know that things can happen during your rides. So we offer our NSR Riding family a lifetime of repairs or a serious discount if we are not able to repair. Whether a seam loosens or panel tears from a crash; you're covered with us. We don't just invest in our employees & products; we want to invest in you and build a lasting & trusting relationship.